is a brand activation

company specialising in brand activation, field support and marketing services, channel marketing and implementation


The main focus of the business is to reach consumers or customers, on behalf of specific brands or products, on a “Face to Face” basis.

We are offer our clients a diverse range brand activation services – we strive to provide innovative marketing implementation solutions

Our point of difference – we treat each activation as totally unique and thus we will investigate and then propose the most suitable and cost effective concept for the particular brand.


Forefront of the specific marketing channel.

Why choose Synergiser

  • Synergiser have the expertise and experience in various advisor and channel programmes and will adapt success stories to suit each programme.
  • Synergiser believe in a quality approach on each account and building long term relationships with clients.
  • We will only select suitable people for each programme.


  • Beauty related store activations and events – We undertake specialist recruitment; for Management and sales staff for stores and beauty counters
  • Health and well being store activations and events
  • Food Technology
  • Fashion
  • Niche store activations & shopping centre events
  • Road shows and specific events
  • Brand activation (as below)
  • In this manner we become more specialist and can offer more focused solutions for clients.